Mercedes-Benz Is Inspired By Avatar And Shows Its New Futuristic Car


The Las Vegas CES is once again the focus of the motoring world’s attention in January. In the heart of Sin City, the world’s largest technology fair has been the scene of the latest Mercedes-Benz unveiling, one charged with futurism, technology, and cinema. The German brand unveiled its last and most ambitious project inspired by none other than the famous movie Avatar.

Its name is Vision AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) is the most curved style car ever created by the Daimler Group brand. In fact, the engineers emphasized the fact that there is not a single straight line in the Vision AVTR’s silhouette, except in what the firm itself calls “bionic fins”, a type of paddle that opens or folds like the spines of a porcupine. The bubble-type cabin, on the other hand, is set with lights that change color, depending on the driving style. So everything is in keeping with the driver’s momentary state.

The interface is also quite particular. Instead of a steering wheel, the Mercedes-Benz prototype has a kind of joystick. However, this control can be hidden in the dashboard when the 100% autonomous driving mode is selected.

In terms of mechanics, the Avatar-inspired vehicle is also totally innovative. This is because it is equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 110 kWh, responsible for supplying four engines (one per wheel) that together develop 469 Hp. The particularity is that the battery is organic type, made with the graphite that does not use elements of the Earth and, moreover, is compostable. It can be fully charged in only 15 minutes.

However, this car has not yet been confirmed if it will go to the market or when. Certainly, it is an ambitious and futuristic project which would make a huge leap in the field of design and performance cars, without doubt, to get to materialize will be an impressive car, and it will set a precedent for every brand in the world to follow.