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Gasoline prices are deflating everyone’s pockets. The economy also shows no signs of stability. There is confusion at every step. Inflation is killing the dreams of many. With this fluctuating economy, no one would dream of buying a gasoline car or a gasoline bike, for example. However, the revolutionary electric cars’ news has aroused the interest of many. Another radical change began with hybrid car news . Especially when the government also has developed stories, citizens don’t think twice when they hear the news of electric and hybrid cars. The introduction of electric cars has reduced dependence on fuels for their operation.

Global warming and pollution have been the biggest concern in recent years. The scientists thought that if carbon emissions, along with other acid emissions, continue in the same way, there is a possibility that citizens can no longer breathe fresh, clean air. Electric cars are vehicles operated by one or more electric motors that use various energy storage devices. The news of hybrid cars revealed that hybrid cars used two or more different sources of energy to power the vehicle. In contrast, electric cars promise 0% emission, electric hybrid cars with reduced emissions, or instead ensure lower sea emissions than electric cars with internal combustion engines.

These vehicles are mainly found as ‘green vehicles.’ They promise to reduce carbon limitations and also reduced dependence on non-renewable resources such as oil and gas. It has had several sources through which energy can be generated for electric cars or electricity in homes. It is possible through solar energy, standard electronic valves, windmills, etc. Therefore, power generation is not a big problem and does not even include an additional cost. However, the question that remains is the sustainability of that energy, that is, how long that energy would last in the vehicle.